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From concept, to design to completion.


We bring a full compliment of equipment to the site


Residential and Commercial Snow Removal Services

Create & Design

Since 1980, we have been helping homeowners on the journey of making their desired property a reality. The end product will be sure to have long lasting effects on your lifestyle and value of your home.  Whatever your vision, we will help you create your dream space with precision and care.  Limestone Creative Landscaping covers everything from lot clearing to backyard extensions, contouring, grading and much more. We can add an outdoor vignette, ponds, or a stone patio. From concept, design, to completion we offer quality work at a fair price.  Call us today for your free estimate.

Grading & Excavation

We have a full compliment of equipment to complete your project needs from house basement;  backfill;  grading; and site services. From septic and or municipal connections  to the installation of driveways and small parking lots. We can repair existing drainage issues and ensure positive drainage where required.

Snow Removal

Similar to our other services we treat your property as we would our own. We understand the associated liabilities, the need for customers and employees to have clear and safe access to buildings, parking lots and pathways; most of all we understand the value of having peace of mind knowing it is taken care of. 

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