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#1 Premium Topsoil 


Other products like mulch, stone, sand and other aggregates.

Deep Root Fertilization

We are excited to show you our newest outdoor landscape product by Durham Artificial Grass.

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Soil, Sand, Stone & Aggregates

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#1 Premium Topsoil

This product is a mixture of natural soil materials suitable for base making of flower and vegetable gardens, filling lawn areas, or planting trees and shrubs. It is very dense and screened to 1/2 inch.


Pea Stone

This product may be used as a permeable paver for driveways or pathways. It is an attractive stone and as such may also be used as decorative filler around paving stones.


3/4" River Stone (washed)

This product allows for ample drainage and may be used for weeping beds, under concrete slabs and used for driveways.


1"-2" River Stone (washed)

Generally rounded 1 - 2 inch in size, semi smooth and multi coloured. It may be used to support a water feature; dry creek bed or where a rugged outdoor look is desired.


2"-5" Ornamental Stone (washed)

Generally rounded 2 - 5 inch in size, semi smooth and often multi coloured. It may be used in water features or areas where a rugged feature is displayed or supported.


Enhanced Mulch

This product contains organic material, most often shredded or chipped tree bark.  While its primary feature is decorative, it can also regulate soil temperature and control weed growth. Black, Brown, Gold (currently out of stock), Red (currently out of stock)


Stone Dust

This is a by-product of the quarrying industry. This product will likely contain minerals and trace elements along with crushed rock.  It may be used to create a level base for brick, flagstone, driveways, pathways, and more.


5/8” Gravel

This product is granular based and being crushed makes for an excellent base for grading and compaction. It may be used as base material for building driveways and walkways, under patio stones, dog runs etc.


3/4” Clean stone

Generally rounded 3-4 inch in size, semi smooth and often multi coloured. It may be used in high quality flower beds, ponds or areas where a tasteful accent to any landscape is desired.


Masonry/Play Sand

This product is a finer version of concrete sand, its finer grains are considered attractive to the eye. It may be used as necessary component of concrete making, fine levelling projects or children's play structures.

*WASHED/CLEANED - All products that are washed means that it has been cleaned by us on site, with our top of the line, screening plant.  This machine removes all sand and any other filler materials, making for a far superior product!

Delivery extra.

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